january – in which we learn to love our body

We also learn how to clean up the mess that we call our apartment. But one step at a time.

2014. A new year. A new beginning.
Don’t we all know the drill? Write your resolutions, have a great night and basically act like nothing has happened. At all. Resolutions? What resolutions? Oh, that old piece of paper there? Naah. Right. But not with me, oh no. Not this year. Nope.

I thought about it for quite some time and came to the conclusion that I really want to work on myself over the course of this year. But maybe do it differently. Not so much in the classical ‚resolutions’ way. Hence this time, my New Year’s resolutions transformed into a big TO-DO-LIST. It may be titled ‘Stuff I want to get done in 2014′ but then again who knows. I will have to work pretty hard to achieve some of the things on that list, it’s not going to be easy. Other things however are fairly simple to check off and are mainly for motivational reasons, to keep me up and apply myself wholeheartedly. Some of them are career-orientated, some of them are personal. (This blog was one of the things I wanted to get done, by the way.) Also I decided to learn more about the world. Its countries. Because frankly? If I don’t inform myself about the world, how will I ever know stuff? 

One of those things on the list was get in shape – stay in shape

It was the first thing on the list, actually. Seriously though, who of you lot out there did not have that on their list at least once in their lives?! I think everyone who does a lot of work in front of a computer sooner or later gets to that point. Something has to change here. I can’t keep doing things the way I do them.

So what do I want? That’s a really important question. What do I want for my body?

Excercising on a regular basis sounds like a good idea. I want to feel fit and energized and healthy. I don’t want to be out of breath after taking the stairs somewhere. Of course losing some weight in the process would also be nice. Sweet. There we have what we want. Then I figured: How much time and effort do I want to put into this?

Well the answer to that was pretty obvious: AS MUCH AS IT TAKES. Duh.

Your body and your mind are linked! It’s so important to remember that. I often think Oh, what a freakishly horrible day. Going to the gym now?! Yeah right. That’s going to kill me. Well. I’M WRONG, OKAY? I perform better at whatever I do when I’m fit. I feel better about myself as well. And I usually feel pretty damn good when I leave the gym. Fresh and balanced and kind of giddy. So I said to myself: This year, you’re going to invest 100 days to excercising. At least. It’s probably still not enough, but it’s what I am willing to do right here and right now. It’s a lot easier when you think about all the good that you’re doing for your body and your well-being and I really, finally want to do good for myself. Selfish as it sounds. I can’t help other when I’m in need of help. So helping myself is an important step. On any level. And so is realizing that you need to help yourself. 

Hating yourself for not getting your ass up or, I don’ know, say, eating a pizza is never going to help you change in the way you want to. So I decided that love will have to help me change. Anything I do now, I do out of love for my body. I eat more fruits and veggies, because they’re treats, a luxury. I actually take the time to cook and try to not rush trough it just to get back to whatever it is that I want to get back to. Water is pretty important as well. I try to get my 2 litres of water every day. First thing in the morning (right after I haul my ass out of bed) I make myself a huge pot of tea. I usually finish that by noon, thereby ensuring that I am properly hydrated early in the day. Be honest and ask yourself: Am I drinking enough? If the answer is no then you better go and make yourself that huge pot of tea right now! 

I’ll be off to deal with that apartment then.


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